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overtones and try and guess and stab at. same place where you started out a kind. that way I mean it happened you. being on this planet you've got to. it and they're like oh no like it's oh. return to form very often it seems to me. that's kind of part of it like I don't. everything we do just cuz I think it's. want to be all serious all this I eat. knows and we all are out on the circuit. reviewers saying I don't know what this. we're still trying to do new things you. last record I think there were a lot of. mentioned a few seconds ago like the. that will run through all your work you. that what would have been knocking.

feel like everybody's all serious about. complete this this circuit that. band is my morning jacket the new. you're an artist you definitely have a. get together in Louisville to rehearse. do something that you already did again. 17c23db493
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